About YeFerra

Luxury Pieces for a Complementary Lifestyle

YeFerra LLC was founded on the principle that every person- no matter the stage of life- deserves to achieve their dreams. 


While the team searched for our brand identity, we desired a name that would distinguishably, yet eloquently represent our mission: To propel our customers towards achievement. Diligent research brought us through a selection of Greek literature where we found the perfect representation of our vision: yeferra (Bridge).


We want YeFerra to drive our customers towards success. Whether you are walking into an interview, or aspiring to meet the goals you have set out for yourself, you deserve to radiate the confidence you have always wanted.


YeFerra luxury timepieces will help you attain this level of confidence and Close the Gap between you and your dreams. Join our family today to propel yourself towards the success you deserve.


Founder's Note

"While I want YeFerra to help you achieve your dreams, I appreciate you for helping me achieve mine. I would not be able to bring my vision to fruition without your ongoing support."

Thank you,

Corey J.
Founder, YeFerra